A platform for managing online classes

With the Voxy Teacher Platform, you’ll have access to an administrative interface for managing private classes, including logins for each of your teachers so they can conduct classes, view learner data and send personalized feedback to students.

Teach classes online

If you employ your own teachers, you can use our online teaching platform to schedule and conduct your own private classes online.

Designed for teachers

Our online teaching platform allows you to create custom class schedules, see detailed learner data before private sessions and gives you access to our admin interface.

Give personalized feedback

Send performance scores and detailed feedback to students after every class directly from the Voxy platform.

Learners expect classes to be online

Don’t get left behind. Learners today have grown accustomed to powerful technology, video chat and online learning options. With Voxy’s Teacher Platform, you can join the digital revolution and start offering classes to your students online, accessible via the web and their mobile devices.

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Give actionable feedback

After each class, teachers can score how learners performed based on core speaking skills that include grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening and fluency. Teachers can also include written feedback detailing strengths, areas for improvement and recommendations for next steps the learner should take.

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Assign classes to specific teachers

Allow teachers to join and manage their classes via the admin interface

Schedule recurring classes

Send learners reminder emails for upcoming classes and to confirm when they scheduled or canceled classes

Make data-driven decisions with reservation and attendance data

We can train your teachers as well!

Your teachers can learn the best practices for teaching English right on the Voxy platform. With the Teaching English: TEFL Pedagogy and Best Practices course and online classes with our expert English teachers, you can boost the quality of your own teachers.

Don’t have your own teachers?

You can still deliver classes online with Voxy’s teachers.

If you don’t have your own teachers, you can always offer the benefits of online classes with sessions hosted by Voxy’s certified English teachers.