Performance dashboard

Learners can track progress within their course, earn badges as they complete units, build skill-specific scores and level up in proficiency—all helping them work toward the next big milestone.

Voxy engagement icons

World-class engagement program

We keep learners engaged and highly motivated with personalized messages and smart reminders via email, SMS and mobile push notifications.

Learner success coaching

Learner Success Coaches are available via phone and live chat to help your learners when they get stuck and to keep them on track to achieve their goals.



Learners can access their performance dashboard anytime to track proficiency, skill performance, unit badges, how many new words and phrases they’ve learned and much more. They can also zoom in on specific performance markers for a detailed view into their progress and review their scores on previous assessments.


Voxy has developed an engagement marketing program grounded in data to make sure learners remain active and engaged for longer. Learners receive personalized emails and notifications with the encouraging support they need to stay on track and extra guidance to improve their level. We can even white label the program for a fully integrated brand experience.

high-touch support

Our Learner Success Coaches are trained to support your learners every step of the way, whether they’re looking for effective study tips or have a technical question about their course. Learners can contact a Learner Success Coach anytime via email, live chat or over the phone.