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Voxy Live Brings Together Top Human Resources Leaders in Mexico

The most recent edition of Voxy Live, our exclusive event series for HR and professional development leaders, took place this month in Mexico City. Unable to attend? Two Voxy clients shared their positive experiences using our platform. Read on to learn more including highlights from the event.

Voxy on the Road: National Immigrant Integration Conference 2019

The National Immigrant Integration Conference (NIIC) is one of the largest U.S. conferences on immigration integration and is integral in furthering the rights of immigrants and refugees. This year’s conference will be held at Detroit’s TCF Center and will include presentations from Tadd Wamester, Director of the New Americans Initiative at Voxy. Join us October 20-22

How Voxy is Improving the English Skills of the Incarcerated

Those incarcerated at D.C. Central Detention Facility once occupied their time with activities that didn’t have a valuable impact on their lives. Now, with the advent of educational programs for those serving a sentence at the jail, inmates have the chance to advance their English skills through programs that include Voxy’s career-aligned courses.

Voxy Builds Bridges in Workforce Development: The NYCETC 2019 Conference

new americans

Members of the Voxy team attended the NYCETC 2019 Conference, an event that brings together over 500 national and local experts, employers, workforce professionals, government officials, and funders for a day filled with information, idea sharing and networking. In this edition of Voxy on the Road, we highlight important elements from this year’s NYCETC 2019 conference.

Featured Voxy Course: English for The Food & Beverage Industry

barista making coffee in a cafe

In the food and beverage industry, exquisite food and attractive prices alone drive won’t customer satisfaction. Clear communication and an understanding of customer needs is essential to repeat customer patronage. With these elements in mind, Voxy created our “English for the Food and Beverage” course.

How New York Employers Are Filling Talent Gaps with Language Training

Employers in upstate New York are using English language training as one solution to help fill open roles. In a featured op-ed for TLNT, Dr. Katie Nielson, Chief Executive Officer at Voxy, describes how local businesses are overcoming the difficulties of attracting talent in this area.

Lancôme, ProLiteracy and Voxy: An Initiative to Empower Women with Low Literacy

Lancome Brand Ambassador, Zendaya accepts grant check for the Write Her Future Campaign

Voxy is excited to be part of an initiative with Lancôme and ProLiteracy that will improve the literacy skills of women throughout the United States. In the US, 43 million adults are low literate and two-thirds of this population (28 million) are women. Learn more about the Write Her Future Campaign.

Averting Emergencies in Aviation: A Need for Improved Language Training

two pilots in airplane cockpit

Voxy has a heightened interest in developing more programs that fill English language gaps in the aviation industry. In our latest post, we explore a tragedy that still haunts the aviation industry today and why effective English language training programs are needed to prevent further crises.